Week 2, Day 2 – Another caught talking behind my back victim and the dentist

I seem to be responding more to people who walk up to me from behind or who are close by. For the first time, without looking to read the person’s lips, I was able to understand part of what he was saying. This is Rock, one of our Project Managers, telling the person in the cubicle next to mine something and I was able to catch the beginning of the sentence without looking up. He said “I put your name….”. And this is coming from someone who has a heavy French accent and one of the two more difficult to understand people in the office.

Other than that, the progresses made to date sustained themselves. I am still trying to determine what adjustments I need for the next mapping session but definitely I need more clarity out of the lows so that they don’t sound so muffed. I am also anxious to measure the progress to date which will be tested for, next week.

Anyway, Steph finally did Michelle’s Spinning class today and really liked it. Michelle’s class is more of an extreme “in your face” type of Spinning. Most other Spinning classes are generally speed workouts.

Right now, we are getting hit by a nice winter storm…it should last till tomorrow afternoon and dump up to 2 feet of snow. Maybe Steph will finally enjoy her new tires and drive me to work for a change!

Oh yea…I had my dentist appointment. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear my teeth and gums getting tortured since the magnet kept falling off so that is another thing I have to deal with at next week’s mapping session. Otherwise, I must have a pretty thick head…courtesy of all the bike crashes in the light-poles I did when I was a kid.

3 comments for “Week 2, Day 2 – Another caught talking behind my back victim and the dentist

  1. Karen
    February 14, 2007 at 12:39 am

    How do you determine what adjustments to ask for? Are you given hints of what to listen for or auditory exercises to perform? Or are you just expected to figure it out on your own? Tell me if my questions are pestering you. I’m really into this and can’t keep my mind from thinking about it.

  2. Karen
    February 14, 2007 at 12:45 am

    That’s weird about the magnet not sticking well. I’m concerned that the hook won’t stay on my ear, but I figured that the magnet would keep the device from completely falling off. Dare I ask whether you are slathering so much hair gel on that the magnet can’t get through the gunk?

  3. Sam
    February 14, 2007 at 3:12 am

    No pestering at all! I am keeping a little notebook of what I am hearing or not. The “nots” – I’ll just describe them and the audiologists are trained to translate those to mapping settings. Sometimes we can test those on the spot, other times we go back out to the real world and listen.

    I am very thick skulled so that doesn’t help. When I am upright like standing or sitting…its not a problem at all.

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