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When I first started considering the cochlear implants back in 2006, little did I know there was a dedicated group of supporters whose personal mission was to help others on their journey.  This group wasn’t even an official one…just a bunch of other CIers around the country who decided to do what I do today…giving back.  Shortly after my first implant in 2007, I became a member of this group when I joined what is known today as Hearing Journey.

In the course of my journey, I became a mentor with the special distinction of being part of the first class of mentors.  Today, we are in full force and known as the Bionic Ear Association or BEA for short.  Last night, I met with a prospective candidate for the upteenth time.  He just found out that he is officially a candidate.

As a mentor, my role is to help others maneuver the world of cochlear implants.  I am a helping hand, a shoulder, a teacher, a guide, a cheerleader and a giver-back all rolled up in one.  Scared and quitting are not options; I will make darn sure of that!

The following message was posted on: Wednesday February 20, 2013 06:49:49 PM
Sam in Buffalo and I got together… Wow!! I learned so much more than I ever thought possible about the technology that is sonn to be for me.  I have had an arduous journey to get here.  I am overwhelmed w/ so many emotion (all good).  It feel surreal that it has all come after so long and then boom!!! Here I am.  Sam brought over Bionic Buddy coloring books and activity guide as well as he  and she stuffed little toys and two rubber ducks.  My wife and I colored a picture with her and she said “Daddy’s gonna be a robot… does that mean he will hear me?” I had a tear or more in my eye. She understood at her level as a 3 year old.  After that she insisted on taking a bath and playing w the 2 rubber duckies.  It’s 10 pm and she is sleeping with he and she monkeys in her arms.  Thank you Sam.  I also really took to heart what Sam told me… “Don’t look back, Just keep going and looking forward.”  After learning more… I realize the future is wide open and with time and effort… a whole lot brighter.  Thank you all as always.  I am always sorry I ramble at times, but I am overjoyed and always wanna share with u all (best humans on the planet). Thanks!!!!!

I was once in this person’s shoes under similar circumstances.

Giving back….this why…..

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